Planung mit VR

Planning with VR

R3DT offers a Virtual Reality (VR) tool for industrial engineering. The innovative technology is regularly used throughout the entire planning process. The use cases lie in work and assembly planning including ergonomics, in the layout planning of factories, in special machinery and plant construction as well as in purchasing and sales.

In early planning phases in particular, virtual prototypes help to avoid errors that are otherwise difficult to identify. In addition, the development and planning phases are shortened. Elaborate mockups and real prototypes become superfluous.

R3DT’s VR tool is started and operated by users themselves, anywhere and at any time within a few minutes. So anyone can automatically generate virtual prototypes from 3D CAD data at the push of a button. Immediately afterwards, you can work virtually at planned workstations, production lines or machines. Together with co-workers and business partners, critical design reviews and virtual assembly processes become possible quickly and anywhere. Ergonomics checks can also be carried out at a very early stage in order to objectively assess the physical stress situation at the respective workplace.

From the user’s point of view, the simple use of the VR tool from R3DT without previous knowledge or training is decisive: Thanks to intuitive operation by means of unique hand interaction (powered by Leap Motion), the 3D models can be experienced at any time as in real 1:1. The single-seat software license currently costs only 5,880 euros per year and often pays for itself with the first use.

Read the full German version here:–planung-mit-vr.htm