The Importance of Virtual Reality for the Industry – Interview with the Managing Directors of the VR-Startup R3DT

The two managing directors Achim Schneider and Andreas Rüdenauer of R3DT were interviewed by Frank Feil. The topic of the interview is the importance of Virtual Reality (VR) for the industry. What about the acceptance of VR in industry, where is the technology already being used today and how can virtual reality simplify everyday life in industry?

3D CAD Modell in VR

The focus on user-friendliness – This is how R3DT’s VR tool stands out from the competition and enjoys a high acceptance among users – say the customers.

Achim Schneider highlights that acceptance by potential users is crucial for the success of a new technology. The most important point is the user-friendliness of their tool. “If it doesn’t work ‘barrier-free’, nobody wants to use it in everyday life in the long run. And this is where we differ significantly from our competitors, say our customers”, explains Achim Schneider.

VR along the entire planning process

R3DT’s VR tool can be used along the entire planning process. “The applications include work and assembly planning including ergonomics testing, factory layout planning, product development, special machinery and plant construction as well as technical purchasing and sales,” says Achim Schneider.

Virtual Reality for Industrial Engineers – Which benefits are created for everyday life?

High acceptance and many areas of application; but what added value does Virtual Reality bring to industrial engineering?
Achim Schneider explains: “Our VR tool generally simplifies the everyday work of industrial engineers. In early phases, they have to use 3D CAD models alone to assess whether there are errors in planned workstations, assembly processes or factory layouts. Serious problems often stay unnoticed. The follow-up costs and time losses are immense”.

Does VR bring the end to classic prototypes?

To the question of whether VR solutions can actually replace classic prototypes completely, Andreas Rüdenauer answers:
“Yes, in many cases this is sufficient, for example, to release concepts, so that the purchase of the VR system pays for itself the first time it is used. In other cases, however, our VR tool enables virtual work with prototypes “as in real life” for the first time, when, special machines or systems are only built once: until now, there were no classical prototypes for them at all. Hence our slogan “meet your reality”.

Conclusion: High significance through acceptance and added value

From the interview it can be concluded that the importance of virtual reality in the industry has never been higher. In addition to actual added value, the acceptance of the VR tool by users is decisive. The VR solution from R3DT has definitely arrived successfully in the industry.

You can read Frank Feil’s entire interview with the two managing directors here: